The long tradition of our family

The apartments are located in the old ambient house from which spreads a beautiful green blue calming views of the bay and the Kvarner islands. They are located in a quiet part of the town in a beautiful house that is 200 years old. It have a terrace and a garden with many Mediterranean plants, fruit and olive trees where guests can devote to meditation, peace and recreation.

Come because you will not miss, Beli have what the rest of the world don’t have.

Here the residents will provide you the hospitality,solid and sophisticated rooms, the restaurant and the guest house Beliwith the comfortable surroundings is offering a good domestic wines offers lamb a’ la Beli, fish specialties, seafood and other culinary delights.

Beli is one of the oldest and most important of the past Cres towns.

The settlement is acropolis, and is located at 130 meters high hill on the northern part of the island of Cres, on the site of prehistoric ruins. A typical coastal village compact type. In Beli there are numerous cultural and historical sites, and some of them are: the parish church with a semicircular apse of an older Romanesque church, which houses several valuable Glagolitic inscriptions, the Romanesque church of Sv. Maria with a museum collection, the Gothic nave church of Sv. Anthony at the town cemetery, prehistoric stables at the entrance to the town and a Roman bridge over the canyon and the stone head of King Abela. Beli is tourist oriented for family and camping tourism with its beautiful pebbly beach and well protected harbor. Also, it is presented as a starting point for long walks in the countryside beautiful forests of Tramontane. In the place Beli is “Eco-center Beli”, within which opened interpretation center with several permanent exhibitions, and these are the biodiversity of the Cres – Losinj archipelago, the story of griffon vultures titled “Want to reality or myth?”, and the history and environmental heritage forests of Tramuntana. At the same time implementing the integral protection of griffon vultures.